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About Us

International Education Services in One Platform

As a beautiful country, successful in the domain of education, Germany offers a distinguished opportunity for foreign students to study and work in different domains inside Germany.

The association has started its works since 2014, focusing on offering education services for Studying and learning in Germany. For this we adopt the best methods of advanced administration using work and communication programs.

The association is duly certified in Berlin – Germany, having office in Berlin and one is Syria branch – Homs. The association has offered many services in the last four years.

The vision of the association

In its present policy of concentrating on services to be enhanced and developed, the association aims to obtain the quality certificates.

It is also focusing on building strategic partnerships with a group of offices around the world to be their presenter in several cities and countries starting from the Arab world.

Add to this, the association works on developing the resources base and building relationships with universities, institutes and academies to submit the best services.

The association vision in offering the best online language institute to present the German language institute in an easy and attractive manner by German teachers and offering a certificate

recognized by the German embassy.

What makes our work special?

integration of services in one platform

By dealing with one platform, you can reach all the services related to education and work in Germany.

the credibility of the deal and transparency of the agreement

All services are offered and managed through online administration programs

customer services for owners of offices and companies around the world who want to obtain the opportunity of study in Germany for their students

You can totally depend on this by our services, we use the most advanced administration tools to reach your goal.

Serving customers from offices owners is a priority for our work.

The language institute that submits online education to all Arabian students,

and offers for the first time the opportunity to obtain a certificate from German institute remotely, you can also enjoy the teaching of German teachers who will help you shorten the time and mastering the dialect from the German themselves with the help of Arabian teachers.

Hadi Soufan Education offices

  • Admission Office

    works on offering services of university acceptance and language institutes registration in addition to opening the bank account and health insurance.

  • Termin Office

    Embassy works on offering all services in German embassies around the world for purposes of study, work, reunion and visit.

  • Scholarship Office

    works on helping students from different organizations and universities.

  • Extraction and translation Papers Office

    the office works on offering services of obtaining the necessary papers for Syrian Expatriates in addition to translation and legalization from government departments.

    It also offers the service of immediate translation to English, German and French.

  • Job Search Office

    offers the service of searching for work in Germany and helping the job seekers from out of Germany in all medical, engineering and informatic domains

    in addition to other domains to find work opportunity in Germany according to specific programs conform with the German work law.

  • Languages Education Institute

    The languages Education institute (especially German Language) was mainly established for achieving the major profit from the period students spend waiting for visa.

    This is by providing online language teaching platform, it is also possible to register foe studying the language in our institute or in other partner language institutes when coming to Germany.

  • Office of Logistic Services inside Germany

    works on offering all logistic services inside Germany starting from the arrival of the students to the country. For example: receiving student at airport, submitting help in issuing residence papers, edit the bank account in addition to finding the right accommodation.

    In this regard we work with a wide network of relationships inside Germany to achieve these services in different areas as much as possible.